Litomyšl Youth Park
Czech Republic


autors: Lukáš Pecka, Ivana Smětáková
cooperation: Bc. Adéla Hajšmanová
gardening: Ing. Ján Augustín, Ing. Iveta Augustínová
project: územní studie, 2018
location: Litomyšl



One of the most important public parks in the town of Litomyšl (UNESCO site). The Youth Park is in a good sense everyday, ordinary.

The enormous potential of the park is the proximity to elementary schools and to residential districts. Children and other residents really enjoy the Youth Park every day - despite the fact that maintenance of the Park has long been really minimal.




Our proposal understands the Youth Park as a place to spend free time of all generations of inhabitants. We take the park as a versatile platform under the trees, with easy walking links to the neighboring city structure and the nearby free countryside. Concept of park adaptation respects as much as possible the existing greenery and the existing path network in the park.

The basic element of the park adaptation is the new cross-country running track in the trail of  existing paths. This circular main track, more than 600 meters long, connects different places and different atmospheres of the Youth Park.




The red running track is a symbol of movement, aktivity. It becomes the hallmark of the Youth Park. The track will be used for various activities (morning gym classes, afternoon children scooter races). The main circuit is complemented by other routes with a clear hierarchy: main trails, narrower concrete stripes and gravel lawn trails.




The hierarchy of park paths is complemented by sports and leisure areas with a newly defined atmosphere:

- an athletic oval with natural tribunes and a lawn in the middle

- workout and parcour areas,

- sandpit,

- pergola with a view...